Vidarbhas presiding deity Ambadevi is at Amravati. It was here that the activities of Sant Tukdoji Maharaj, Sant Gadge Maharaj, Sant Gulabrao Maharaj who was blind gained momentum.
In Amravati region there is one University
more than 60 Colleges, 1871 Prim. Schools and 501 Sec. Schools.
Don’t step back just because you don’t know anyone in this region.
We will help you to know the people from your geographic location and from your field. Our main object is to help students who came from one geographic location to another.
We try to save their time and try to provide needed information to students.


 Colleges in Amrawati

Amravati University is one of the best University in Vidarbha region, Many students from various regions attracted toward Amravati for educational purpose.

In Amravati many colleges provides quality education for students.

The facility for higher education in the district is provided for by Shivaji College of Arts, Science, Agriculture, Commerce and Law, Amravati: Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya, Amravati; Shri Shivaji College, Daryapur: Mahatma Phule Mahavidyalaya. Warud: Raj Mahavidyalaya. Amravati and Ayurvedic Medical College, Amravati alongwith Government Polytechnic Institute, Amravati and the Rural Institute, Amravati.
Students can also help themselves by adding information about colleges which can help other students like you.

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Hospitals in Amrawati


Many students when they are away from their region they need medical facilities, we try to proved information about medical facilities available in the Amravati region.

Our main purpose for including this section is to provide information about medical facilities in the region and we think it will help students to get information about hospitals. Students can also include Hospital information just click on add and they can help other students by sharing this information.


 For-rent-animatedAccommodation in Amrawati

We try to provide accommodation information like availability of rooms, flats and other which are added by the students.

As they share information like availability of rooms and flats so students can easily get the information about the availability of rooms and flats



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