System tools & Use of run command


System tools


System tool is the first item in the Computer Management console tree. You can use the default tools, Event Viewer, Shared Folders, Local Users and Groups, Performance Logs and Alerts, and Device Manager, to manage system events and performance on the target computer.

  • For more information about Event Viewer, see Event Viewer.
  • For more information about Shared Folders, see Shared Folders.
  • For more information about Local Users and Groups, see Local Users and Groups.
  • For more information about Performance Logs and Alerts, see Performance Logs and Alerts overview.
  • For more information about Device Manager, see Device Manager.



UseĀ of run command


Click Start, and then click Run.

In Open, type the path to the item you want to open, or click Browse to locate it.

The Open box lists items you have opened recently. Type or select an item in the list, and then click OK to open it.

You can open a file or folder or connect to a shared computer by typing its path in the Open box. You can also connect to an Internet or intranet site; for example, to reach the Microsoft Web site, type in the Open box.




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