System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)



—  SDLC stands for —  Systems Development Life Cycle

—  All systems have a life cycle or a series of stages they naturally undergo.

—  The number and name of the stages varies, but the primary stages are conception, development, maturity and decline.

—  The systems development life cycle (SDLC) therefore, refers to the development stage of the system’s life cycle.

Why are we so interested in the development stage?  What about conception, maturity and decline?


Traditional methodology for developing, maintaining, and replacing information systems Phases in SDLC:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance


sdlc 1

sdlc 2


Identify, analyze, prioritize, and arrange IS needs

  •        Define business problem and scope
  •        Produce detailed project schedule
  •        Confirm project feasibility
  •        Economic, organizational, technical, resource, and schedule
  •        Staff the project (resource management)
  •        Launch project à official announcement




Study and structure system requirements

  •        Gather information to learn problem domain
  •        Define system requirements
  •        Build prototypes for discovery of requirements
  •        Prioritize requirements
  •        Generate and evaluate alternatives
  •        Review recommendations with management




Convert recommended solution to system specifications

  •        Design and integrate the network
  •        Design the application architecture
  •        Design the user interfaces
  •        Design the system interfaces
  •        Design and integrate the database
  •        Prototype for design details
  •        Design and integrate system controls


Logical design:     functional features described independently of computer platform

Physical design:    logical specifications transformed to technology-specific details




Code, test, install, and support the information system

  •        Construct software components
  •        Verify and test
  •        Convert data
  •        Train users and document the system
  •        Install the system




Systematically repair and improve the information system


  •        Maintain system
  •        Small patches, repairs, and updates
  •        Enhance system
  •        Small upgrades or enhancements to expand system capabilities
  •        Larger enhancements may require separate development project
  •        Support users
  •        Help desk and/or support team


sdlc phases


Life Cycles with Different Names for Phases

sdlc phases 2







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