Start a new, blank presentation


You can have as many presentations open as you like, or as your computer’s memory allows. In most cases, this means more than you’ll ever need. You are not to only have one presentation open at a time.

In the following we will see learn to create a new, blank presentation based on a completely blank template. That means a blank presentation similar to that which appears when PowerPoint starts up. Later we shall have a look at the many beautiful templates you can use.

First, we need to change the blank slides a little, otherwise PowerPoint just deletes it when you create a new, blank presentation.

1.   Click on the text ”Click To Add Title” on the slide that is shown in PowerPoint. Write something like ”My First Front Page”.

Now we can make our new empty presentation.

2.   Click on the Office Button in the top left corner of the screen.

3.   Click on New. (The exercise continues)




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