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As a deadline approaches, often there is not enough time to check a document for spelling and grammar mistakes. Your Microsoft Office program provides tools that can help you correct these mistakes faster. You decide if you want to set up the Microsoft Office program so that you can easily see potential mistakes while you work. Or, if you find the wavy red and green lines distracting, you can just check your document when you are ready to finish it.

Maybe you are looking for a way to find and fix spelling mistakes in your document more quickly and easily? Or maybe you don’t want to see the wavy red lines that your Microsoft Office program displays in your document? This section explains how automatic spelling and grammar checking works and how to turn it on or off.

When you check spelling automatically while you type, you can be more confident that you won’t have to correct a lot of spelling mistakes when you are ready to deliver your document. Your Microsoft Office program can flag misspelled words while you work so that you can easily spot them, as in the following example.

 Sometimes I mak Mistakes

You can right-click the misspelled word to see suggested corrections.

grammer check

Depending on the Microsoft Office program you are using, right-clicking a word can provide you with other options, such as adding the word to your custom dictionary.

How automatic grammar checking works (Outlook and Word only)

After you enable automatic grammar checking, Word and Outlook flag the potential grammar and style mistakes while you work in Word documents and in opened Outlook items (except Notes), as shown in the following example.

 Grammar why problem here

You can right-click the mistake for more options.

Grammar check 1

On the menu that is shown, you may be given a suggested correction. You also can choose to ignore the error or click About This Sentence to see why the program considers the text to be a mistake





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