printing & saving , Opening and Closing of doc


Printing & Saving

Saving a document:

  • · Click the Save button on the Tool bar. (or)
  • · From the Menu bar, select File –> Save (or)
  • · Follow the key sequence Ctrl + S

Save dialog box appears. Type the name and click Save.

Printing a document :

  • · Select File –> Print (or)
  • · Click on the Print button on the Standard Tool bar (or)
  • · Click Ctrl + P


Opening Existing documents:

  • · Click the open button found on the Standard tool bar. (or)
  • · From the task pane, select getting started and the select more (or)
  • · From the Menu bar, select File –> Open


Closing a document:

  • · Select File –> close

· Click on the small X found on the right top next to the Menu bar and the Title bar.




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