Presentation skills



Who is your audience?

What do you want to present (content)?

Why do you want to present (purpose)?

Where will you be presenting (place)?

How do you want to present (words to be used or not, slides to be used)



Preparation: Audience Analysis


v  What is the audience interested in

v  What does the audience want

v  What does the audience already know and needs to know

v  What are their needs, expectations from this presentation

v  How will the audience benefit from this presentation



n  Structure the content in line with the audience’s needs

n  What do you want to tell the audience?

n  What is your objective?

n  Prepare keeping in mind the time allotted

n  Anticipate the questions and prepare

n  Collect material from a variety of sources

n  Arrange points logically and sequentially

Prepare handouts as well



Structuring the presentation

2 to 2.5 mins— opening/beginning

20 to 21 mins— middle section

2 to 3 mins  — closing/end

5 mins  — questions



Effective Delivery

v  Be active – move

v  Be purposeful – controlled gestures

v  Variations – vocal (pitch, volume, rate)

v  Be natural

v  Be direct – don’t just talk in front of the audience talk to them


Sensitivity to the audience

v  “see” the audience

v  Take non-verbal feedback

-congruent and incongruent body language

v  Modify to  meet audience needs

v  Don’t just make it as a presentation






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