Methods of Accounting


Methods of Accounting


Business transactions are recorded in two different ways.

1 Single Entry

2 Double Entry


1. Single Entry: It is incomplete system of recording business transactions. The business organization maintains only cash book and personal accounts of debtors and creditors. So the complete recording of transactions cannot be made and trail balance cannot be prepared.

2 Double Entry: It this system every business transaction is having a two fold effect of benefits giving and benefit receiving aspects. The recording is made on the basis of both these aspects. Double Entry is an accounting system that records the effects of transactions and other events in at least two accounts with equal debits and credits.



Meaning of Debit and Credit

The term ‘debit’ is supposed to have derived from ‘debit’ and the term ‘credit’ from ‘creditable’.

For convenience ‘Dr’ is used for debit and ‘Cr’ is used for credit.

Recording of transactions require a thorough understanding of the rules of debit and credit relating to accounts. Both debit and credit may represent either increase or decrease, depending upon the nature of account.






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