Introduction – Staffing



Organizations require the services of a large number of personnel. These personnel occupy varies positions created through the process of  organizing. Each position of the organization makes certain specific  contributions to achieve organizational objectives. Hence the person occupying the position should have sufficient ability to meet its requirement. Staffing is that part of the process of management which is concerned with obtaining, utilizing and maintaining a satisfactory and satisfied work force. It is the process of identifying, assessing, placing, evaluating and developing individuals at work. Staffing is a very important function of the management. No organization can be successful unless it can fill and keep filled the various positions with the right type of employees.

Staffing involves filling and keeping filled, the positions in the organization. This is done by identifying the work force requirement inventorying the people available and recruiting, selecting, placing, promoting, appraising, planning the careers, compensating and training.


Staffing is the function by which managers build an organization through recruitment,selection and development of individuals as capable employees.

(Mc Farland)

Staffing is defined as filling positions in the organization structure through identifyingworkforce requirements, inventorying the people available, recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisal, compensation and training of needed people.

(Harold Koontz and Cyril O’Donnell)





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