Inserting sound / audio formats


Background Audio – The <bgsound> Element:

You can use the <bgsound> tag to play a soundtrack in the background. This tag is for Internet Explorer documents only. Other browsers ignore the tag. It downloads and plays an audio file when the host document is first downloaded by the user and displayed. The background sound file also will replay whenever the user refreshes the browser display.

This tag is having only two attributes loop and src. Both these attributes have same meaning as explained above.

Video file formats.


HTML – Video Media Types

Flash movies (.swf), AVI’s (.avi), and MOV’s (.mov) file types are supported by the embed tag.

  • .swf files – are the file types created by Macromedia’s Flash program.
  • .wmv files – are Microsoft’s Window’s Media Video file types.
  • .mov files – are Apple’s Quick Time Movie format.
  • .mpeg files – are movie files created by the Moving Pictures Expert Group.







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