Formatting Features


Formatting a worksheet:

Changing the style or appearance of data in a worksheet is called formatting. You can format the data in a worksheet by:

  • · Changing the position of data in a cell
  • · Changing the font, size, style & colour.


Aligning data:

By default, any text you enter in Excel is aligned to the left and any value or number is aligned to the Right. To change the default alignment, you can use the alignment buttons on the formatting tool bar.

excel aligning data

Formatting Numbers:

Formatting data in a worksheet includes changing the number of decimal places, displaying dates, times & fractions and adding currency symbols.

To format the number in a cell, the steps are: Format/Cell/N/umber/Decimal places/2


Formatting Text: Text can be formatted using the buttons on the formatting toolbar. Font of a cell, font size can be changed. The font style can also be changed to bold, Italic etc.


Inserting Rows & Columns:

In Excel, rows & columns can be inserted or deleted without affecting the surrounding rows, columns &cells.

To insert a row,

1. Rest the mouse pointer over the row above which you want to insert the new row.

2. On the Insert menu, click rows.

A row is inserted and the existing row moves down after the new row.

Similarly, to insert a column,

1. Rest the mouse pointer over the column before which you want to insert the new Column.

2. On the Insert menu, click columns.



Changing Row height & Column width:

By default, every row is 12.75 points high and every column is 8.43 characters wide. As you fill it with data, however you have to change the size of rows & columns so that it is fitted to the length of the data.

To Resize a column:

1. Rest the mouse pointer on the column boundary on the right side.

2. The shape of the mouse pointer changes to

3. Drag the boundary until the required width is obtained.


1. The column which is to be adjusted is made active by clicking on column letter.

2. The column option is selected from the Format menu.

3. Click on the width option. A dialogue box is displayed.

4. Type in the required size of the column in the text box column width.

Similarly, Row height can also be adjusted by selecting the rows.






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