Determining the needs of staff


Determining the needs of staff

The need for staffing has increased due to the following reasons

Increasing size of organizations

In a large organization there are several positions. Systematic programmers for the selection, training and appraisal of employees are required for efficient functioning of the enterprise.

Advancement of technology

Significant improvements have taken place in technology. In order tomake use of the latest technology, the appointment of right type of persons is necessary. Right personnel can to procured, developed and maintained for new jobs only if the management performs its staffing function effectively.

Long range need for manpower

In order to execute the long term plans, management must determine the manpower requirements well in advance. It is also necessary to develop managers for succession in future. The need for staffing has increased due to shortage of good managerial talent and high rate of labor turnover.

High wage bill

Personnel cost accounts for a major portion of operating costs today. Efficient performance of the staffing function is essential to make the best use of  personnel.

 For example

:If right type of people are selected and trained, management can obtain optimum results from the expenses incurred on recruitment, selection and training.


Trade unionism

Efficient system for staffing has become necessary to negotiate effectively with organization of executives. With the spread of education, executives have become increasingly aware of their prerogatives. Collective bargaining has brought change in their attitudes. Separation of ownership from management requires a more professional approach towards the staffing function.

Human relations movement

Enlightened employers have come to recognize the dignity of labour.Managers use the knowledge of behavioral sciences in molding the behavior of employees in the right direction. By performing the staffing function well,management can show the significant it attaches to the human resources in the organization.






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