Delegation of Authority



A manager alone cannot perform all the tasks assigned to him. In order to meet the targets, the manager should delegate authority. Delegation of Authority means division of authority and powers downwards to the subordinate. Delegation is about entrusting someone else to do parts of your job. Delegation of authority can be defined as subdivision and sub-allocation of powers to the subordinates in order to achieve effective results.

Authority is the key to managerial job. It denotes the right to make decision and command subordinates to conform these decisions. When the office manager is over burdened with official assignments, he may allocate or divide it among the subordinates to get the work done by them. The process of allocation of office work among the subordinates is called delegation of authority. So delegation of authority means giving the subordinate authority to do something which the executives do not have time to do. The process of delegation gives a gain to the subordinates because they become closer with the supervisor.



According to F.C. Moore

“Delegation means assigning work to the others and giving them authority to do so.”

According to O. S. Miner

“Delegation takes place when one person gives another the right to perform work on his behalf and in his name and the second person accepts a corresponding duty or obligation to do that is required of him.”

According to Louis Allen

“Delegation is the dynamics of management, it is the process a manager follows in dividing the work assigned to him so that he performs that part which only he, because of his unique organizational placement, can perform effectively, and so that he can get others to help him with what remains.”

Differences between Authority and Responsibility



It is the legal right of a person or a superior to command his subordinates. It is the obligation of subordinate to perform the work assigned to him.
Authority is attached to the position of a superior in concern. Responsibility arises out of superior-subordinate relationship in which subordinate agrees to carry out duty given to him.
Authority can be delegated by a superior to a subordinate Responsibility cannot be shifted and is absolute
It flows from top to bottom. It flows from bottom to top.







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