Creating database in Access


A Database can be created by using the database Wizard or by using the Blank Database command.

  • · The database Wizard is used to create tables, forms, queries and reports by following a series of steps provided by the wizard.
  • · The Blank Database command is used to create a blank database. All database objects should be created manually.


Click on File menu –> New –> Enter

A window appears –> give a name to the database


creating table


Creating a Table :

1. Open the database in which the table is to be created.

The database window appears.

2. under objects, click Tables and then click New on the database window toolbar.

The New Table dialog box appears.


Commands in the New Table dialog box

Command Purpose
Create table by entering data Used to create a table by entering values directly in a row and column format.
Design View Used to assign fields for the new table and modify field properties.
Table Wizard Used to create a table through a guided sequence of steps.

I. Create Table by entering data:

  • · Click on Table (object) in the main switch board.
  • · Click on create table on Datasheet view –> now a window appears –> here we find fields ( field1, field2,……)
  • · Give the field names ( Name, roll no., marks etc)
  • · Click on close button of the table and save the table with some name
  • · To enter details into the table, click on table in the main switch board and double click on the table name.
  • · Enter the details







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