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About   HTML

HTML is the commonly used markup language for web publishing, and JavaScript is often used to enhance the functionality of HTML.HTML is a markup language for telling a Web browser how to format and display a Web page.

It can be viewed as a subset of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which is for defining general document format. Predefined tags are employed to describe the format of a document.

For example, by putting the word “Italics” inside the <I></I> tag pair (i.e., <I> Italics </I>), the word “Italics” will be displayed by the Web browser in Italics form. Most tags have a “start tag” and an “end tag” (also called container tags) and the content is embedded between the two tags.

Some tags are standalone only without any content. An example is the <HR> tag, which adds a horizontal rule. For most tags, one can also specify its attributes so as to define additional properties about the tag.

For example, one can change the font face by applying the FACE attribute of the <FONT> tag as shown below:

<FONT FACE=“Arial“> the font face is Arial.</FONT>









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