Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO)


Cost Benefit Analysis.


Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO)

: Developed by Barry Boehm (1981)

: Predicts the effort & duration of a project

: Based on size of the system &  a number of “cost drivers,”


Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO)




Cost Drivers in COCOMO


: Product attributes

< software reliability, database size, software complexity

: Hardware/platform attributes

<  execution time constraints, main storage constraints, virtual machine volatility, turnaround time

: Personnel attributes

< Analyst capability, applications experience, programmer capability, virtual machine experience, language experience

: Project attributes

use of modern programming practices, use of software tools, development schedule constraints



Factors not Included in COCOMO


: Application type

: Language level

: Requirements volatility

: Personnel continuity

: Management quality

: Customer interface quality

: Amount of documentation

: Hardware configuration

: Security and privacy restrictions






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