Computer Crimes & it’s type


“Computer crime is the use of computer resources to engage in unauthorized or illegal acts”

Computer crime laws: The association of I.T. professionals (AITP) has work with the federal & state agencies to develop computer crime laws .It indicates

1)   The unauthorized use, access , modifications & distribution of h/w, s/w, data or n/w & resources

2)   The unauthorized release information

3)   Unauthorized  copying of s/w

4) Denying an end user access to his or her  own h/w, s/w /n/w  devices

5) Using computer resources to illegally obtain information


Types of computer crime: computer crime involves theft of money, services , s/w & data

1)   Money theft:- Many computer involves the theft of money in many cases , they are inside jobs

2)   Service theft :- the unauthorized use of computer system, n/w is called as service theft e.g the unauthorized use of company-owned computer n/w by employees .

3)   s/w theft :- computer programs are valuable property & thus are the subject of theft from computer system . Unauthorized copying of s/w or s/w piracy is also a major form of s/w theft . s/w is intangible property that is protected by copyright law & user licensing agreement.

4)   Data alteration/theft :- Making illegal changes to data or stealing data is another form of computer crime

5)   Malicious access:- Hacking in computer is obsessive use of computers or unauthorized access & use of networked computer system . Sometimes hackers commits only electronic breaking & get entered to computer system reads some files but neither steals nor damage anything

6)   Computer viruses:- destruction of a data  & s/w . One of the most destructive examples of computer crime involves creation of computer viruses or worms .”virus is a program code that can not work without being inserted into another program”

 Some of viruses are –

a)data digging (performing unauthorized modifications to data)

b) Trojan horse techniques –(Merging criminal code with authorized program)

c) Salami techniques ( Sharing small amount of money from client balance)


To prevent computer crime 

  • Encrypt data & program
  • Monitor system transactions
  • Separate employee functions
  • Conduct frequent audits
  • Restrict system use
  • Educate people in security measures
  • Protect sources with password


Security  Issues:

Transactions between organizations take place in many e-commerce applications using the Internet. Internet is widely accessible and insecure as eavesdropping is possible. Hence, there is need to protect company confidential information from snoopers.

We also need to protect a company’s network from unauthorised entry. When an organization receives a message it has to be sure from whom it came and whether the message is authentic and not changed by an unauthorised person. We thus need a digital signature which can be used in a court of law.







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