Communication is a two-way process that involves getting your message across and understanding what others have to say.

Communication is a primary skills which involves active listening, speaking and understanding verbal and non verbal meanings

Communication is a learned skill which allows us to function effectively in society and allows us to work with others in achieving our goals.

Communication as a discipline, now includes intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural and international, public, mediated and mass Communication



“Communication can be  defined as the exchange of ideas , information and knowledge between sender and receiver through an accepted code of    symbols”.

Role  and  Importance


In a global world, communication is a primary skill and acquires greater importance than it did ever before.

Responsible world citizenship involves cultural and social awareness and being able to connect with people from varied nationalities, all of which can happen only through communication.

Communication is inherently connected to creativity, problem solving, team building, and leadership – business skills necessary across the contemporary world.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 480 Company Heads pegged Communication skills as the most vital amongst the list of qualifications that future employees across all occupations needed to possess.


1. Convey a message clearly, eloquently and effectively

2. Coordinate of team effort

3. Build good industrial relations

4. Develop managerial skills

5. Encourage Problem solving

6. Enhance the value of the brand





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