Characteristics of Management


Characteristics of Management

Management is goal-oriented:

The ultimate purpose of management is to achieve certain goals over a period of time. The goals must be realistic and achievable that ensure efficient utilization of the resources and satisfy the enterprise objectives.

Management is universal:

Where ever there is a business activity or non business activity, management comes into the fore. Be it a small family function or a multi corer business activity, you need people and other resources to make it a success.

Management is an Integrative Force:

Team work creates synergy and accomplishment of the firm’s objectives by the unified and coordinated efforts of all the individuals working for that firm.

Management is a Social Process:

                                                         You can become an excellent manager without becoming a good leader, but you cannot be an excellent leader without becoming a good manager. This explains it all. Management is a social process since it involves people and their inter personal relationship. A good manager succeeds in motivating , guiding and extracting work from people working under him.

Management is multidisciplinary:

Management takes inspiration from disciplines like engineering, sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology etc.

Management is Intangible:

The success of management can only be measured by the results being shown by the company like its market share and net profits. But the image of the company gtes boosted if it has iconic performers in the form of managers.






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