Advantages & Disadvantages of computer

Advantages of computer

1. High speed : Computers have the ability to perform routine tasks at a greater speed than human beings. They can perform millions of calculations in seconds.

2. Accuracy : Computers are used to perform tasks in a way that ensures accuracy.

3. Storage : Computers can store large amount of information. Any item of data or any instruction stored in the memory can be retrieved by the computer at lightning speeds.

4. Automation : Computers can be instructed to perform complex tasks automatically ( which increases the productivity).

5. Diligence : Computers can perform the same task repeatedly & with the same accuracy without getting tired.

6. Versatility : Computers are flexible to perform both simple and complex tasks.

7. Cost effectiveness : Computers reduce the amount of paper work and human effort, thereby reducing costs.

  •   Productivity and consistency is greater as new production methods are used.
  •  Greater job satisfaction motivates workers to work hard, as repetitive and boring jobs are now done by machines.
  •  Better quality products are produced owing to better production methods and better quality control.
  •  Better consumer service results from computers being used to monitor stock levels.
  •  Quicker communication and reduced paper work, owing to computers, lead to increased profitability.


Disadvantages of computer

1. Computers need clear & complete instructions to perform a task accurately. If the instructions are not clear & complete, the computer will not produce the required result.

2. Computers cannot think.

3. Computers cannot learn by experience.

  •  Unemployment increases as machines/computers replace people in factories and offices.
  •  It is expensive as capital intensive, which increases the risks as large quantities of products need to be sold to cover the cost of purchasing the equipment.
  •  Employees need to be trained to cope up with the new technology and are unhappy with the changes in their work practices when new technology is introduced.
  •  New technology is changing all the time and will become outdated at some point of time which will need to be replaced by the business to remain competitive.
  • The data stored on a computer can be accessed by unauthorized persons through networks. It has created serious problems for the data security
  • The improper and prolonged use of computer can results in injuries or disorders of hands, wrists, elbows, eyes, necks and back. The users can avoid health risks by using the computer in proper position. They must also take regular breaks while using the computer for longer period of time. It is recommended to take a couple of minutes break after 30 minutes of computer usage.





Introduction to Computer Applications pdf by P. Sumathi





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