As indicated earlier, every business transaction has two aspects. One aspect is debited other aspect is credited. Both the aspects have to be recorded in accounts appropriately. American Accountants have derived the rules of debit and credit through a ‘novel’ medium, i.e., accounting equation. he equation is as follows:

Assets = Equities

The equation is based on the principle that accounting deals with property and rights to property and the sum of the properties owned is equal to the sum of the rights to the properties. The properties owned by a business are called assets and the rights to properties are known as liabilities or equities of the business. Equities can be subdivided into equity of the owners which is known as capital and equity of creditors who represent the debts of the business know as liabilities.

These equities may also be called internal equity and external equity. Internal equity represents the owner’s equity in the assets and external represents he outsider’s interest in the asset. Based on the bifurcation of equity, the accounting equation can be restated as follows:

Assets = Liabilities + Capital


Capital = Assets – Liabilities


Liabilities = Assets – Capital.








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